A Unique Worktop

SIMPLYCERAM is a patented, next generation worktop, with a unique technology.

Its sophisticated and innovative manufacturing process combines an outer layer in ceramic to a high-tech light-weight slab.

This combination creates a solid, everyday wear-proof and cost-saving product that, unlike traditional worktops, is extraordinarily lighter and simpler to transform and install.

Ceramic is highly resistant to shocks, scratches, non-porous and resistant to chemical products, bacteria, stains, high temperatures and colour fading.

SIMPLYCERAM worktops represent a major technological evolution that is substantially upgrading the experience and utility for its users and installers.

Upgrade your kitchen with a unique built to last product and considerably improve your kitchen experience. With SIMPLYCERAM, you will enjoy your worry-free kitchen worktop and save money when compared to traditional worktop alternatives.

Join the SIMPLYCERAM revolution!

SIMPLYCERAM pays particular attention to manufacturing quality. Each worktop carries a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.